About Mercer County Health District

Public health exists to promote and protect the health of the entire community. Many threats to the health of people in our communities are prevented by ensuring the availability of things like safe food and clean drinking water. Many preventable health problems are caused by tobacco use, improper diet, lack of physical activity, alcohol and drug abuse, and exposure to toxic agents. Prevention through promotion of healthy behaviors is a key focus of public health.

Although the local health department is the face of public health, the local public health system is made up of many partners who work together to ensure the health of the community. These partners include the local hospital system, local government agencies, health care facilities, school systems, social service agencies, and many others.

Our Mission: 

Protect, promote, and improve the health of Mercer County.

Our Vision:

All people of Mercer County lead a healthy, fulfilling, and productive life.

Our Values:

Service- We strive to meet the needs of the public by providing excellent customer service in a welcoming and compassionate environment.

Teamwork- We value a team approach built on trust, cooperation, communication and hard work. The strength of our team lies in the dependability, integrity, honesty and resourcefulness of our staff.

Accountability- We accept responsibility individually and as an organization for our decisions and actions. We are accountable to one another and to those we serve.

Community- We seek to improve community health by preventing disease, promoting safety and educating on healthy living in ways that resonate with members of our community.

Equity- We want all people of Mercer County to have the opportunity to achieve their full health potential.

Education- We educate ourselves and our community with accurate, evidence-based information.