District Advisory Council

The Mercer County Health District Advisory Council (DAC) appoints members to the Mercer County Board of Health and provides other advisory oversight to the board. The DAC is made up of one trustee from each of the 14 townships, the mayor of each of the eight villages and one city in the county, and one member of the Board of County Commissioners. The DAC meets annually on the third Monday of March in the Mercer County Central Services Building.

To keep the DAC members informed on new developments at MCHD and in local public health, MCHD sends quarterly updates to all DAC members. These updates can be accessed below. 


DAC Quarterly Update 7-14-22

DAC Quarterly Update 10-21-22

DAC Quarterly Update 1-20-23

DAC Quarterly Update 4-27-23

DAC Quarterly Update 7-20-23