Birth and Death Records

Vital Statistics Contact Information

Contact Info: or 419-586-3251 ext. 6-1453.

Vital Statistics hours are 7:30 am-4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

Certified copies of birth and death certificates can be obtained in person or via phone at the health district office any time during normal operating hours. CLICK HERE for the printable Vital Statistics request form.

The Mercer County Health District maintains Birth and Death records from 1908 to present. If a person was born in Ohio or died in Mercer County, that record should be available at our office. Contact Probate Court 419-586-8779 for records prior to 1908.

A Certified Death or Birth copy is $28.00 each. Cash, Personal checks, Money Orders and major *Credit/Debit Cards are accepted.

*Fee applies with credit card purchases.
Make checks payable to: Mercer County Health District.

Order Birth & Death Records Online

MCHD accepts birth and death certificate requests online!

The Mercer County Health District is not responsible for lost, stolen, or non-delivered orders handled by the US Postal Service for delivery. All sales are final and non-refundable. 

Things to Remember

  • Ohio is an “open record” state, and vital records (births and deaths) are considered to be public records by the State of Ohio.  This means that anyone who can submit the basic facts of a certificate may request a copy of it.
  • The certificate issued by the hospital is NOT an official, certified birth certificate.
  • Uncertified copes are NOT available.
  • Affidavits for correction and Acknowledgements of Paternity may be filed in our office, a valid ID will be required for our Notary to sign.
  • Records brought into this office cannot be stamped, sealed or copied.
  • Marriage and divorce decrees are available at Probate Court, 567-890-5185.
  • New Adoptions Law: The law has changed regarding records of adoptions that were finalized between January 1, 1964 and September 18, 1996.  Those whose adoptions were finalized between January 1, 1964 to September 19, 1996 are now able to gain access to their adoption file and original birth record from the Ohio Department of Health.  Beginning March 20, 2015, adult adoptees may submit an application to the Ohio Department of Health for a copy of their adoption file.  The adult lineal descendants (children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the adoptee) may also submit an application for a copy of the adoption file.  Information and forms are available on the Ohio Department of Health’s website.
  • The Mercer County Health District is able to issue birth certificates for anyone born in the State of Ohio regardless of what county you were born in.

Burial Permits: Required by law for burial of human remains in a cemetery or cremation.
Certificate of Services: Record of Human remains being transported into the State of Ohio for disposition.
Supplemental Affidavits: Additions or corrections made to Death records by coroner or physician.
Paternity Acknowledgement: Affidavit used by non-married parents who wish to have biological father’s name appear on the birth record. This is an affirmed statement by both parents at no charge.
Genealogy Research: Many of the birth /death records are available on our computer in our office. Our staff is available for searches during working hours. However, extensive searches are conducted as time allows. There is a charge of .05 a page/after the first 20 free pages. We do accept requests for research through the mail (a self addressed-stamped return envelope is required) and we will return information requested as soon as time allows. If you require a legal document, a State Certified Copy will be issued at present cost.


Mercer County Probate Court

National Center for Health Statistics – for information on obtaining records outside the state of Ohio

Ohio History Connection

Ohio Genealogical Society

Ohio Public Health Information Warehouse – Dataset Catalog