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In 2016 the members of the Mercer County-Community Organizations Linking Together (COLT) collaborated with the Ohio State University Center for Public Health Practice to complete a comprehensive Community Health Assessment (CHA).

The 2016 Mercer County Community Health Assessment provides valuable information to be used by organizations in our community to develop and implement strategies that will focus on wellness, access to care, and unmet community needs.  In particular, the Mercer County Health District will use data from the CHA to ensure that we are providing public health services that meet the unique needs of our community.

The CHA served as the foundation for development of the Mercer County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to guide community health improvement efforts during 2017-2019. Based on the data provided by the CHA, the priorities selected for the CHIP are:

The COLT group met extensively to establish goals, objectives and action steps to support these priorities. The group continues to meet periodically to report progress toward completion of the various activities associated with the plan.

Community Health Assessment 2016

Community Health Improvement Plan 2017-2020