Environmental Health

Food Safety

Environmental health staff conduct inspections and provide education to ensure food sold in Mercer County is safe.

Private Water Systems

MCHD inspects and tests private water systems so rural households have safe drinking water.

Household Sewage Treatment Systems

Environmental health staff work with contractors and homeowners to eliminate environmental and health hazards related to rural home sewage treatment.

Real Estate Inspections

Point of sale inspections of wells and septic systems protect prospective homeowners from health hazards and unexpected expenses.

Nuisance Complaints

MCHD responds to complaints of health threats including improper disposal of garbage, sewage, tires, or dead animals, as well as rodent and insect infestations.


Ohio law requires MCHD to investigate reported animal bites to prevent human rabies infections.

Indoor Air Quality

Environmental health staff provide education and consultation on various indoor air quality issues including mold, carbon monoxide, and radon.


Licensing and inspection of permanent and temporary campgrounds prevents health threats due to unsafe or unsanitary conditions.

Manufactured Home Parks

MCHD provides safety and sanitation inspections in Mercer County manufactured home parks on behalf of the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Pools & Spas

Environmental health staff conduct routine inspections of public pools and spas to ensure that they are free from health and safety hazards.

School Inspections

Semi-annual inspections identify safety and sanitation concerns in the school environment.

Solid Waste

Proper disposal of solid waste protects drinking water sources and limits pest infestations.

Body Art

Tattoo and piercing facilities are inspected for compliance with state standards to prevent the spread of bloodborne diseases.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Environmental health staff provide education and consultation on the prevention of mosquito-borne diseases.

Fee Schedule

Current listing of fees for all environmental health licenses, permits, and services.