Body Art

Body art is regulated under the authority of Chapter 3730 of the Ohio Revised Code and Chapter 3701-09 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Mercer County Health District has rules regarding tattoo and body piercing establishments. Such facilities are required to be licensed by the health department. In addition to the county code, the Ohio Department of Health also has regulations regarding the procedures involved in safely administering tattoos and body piercings. New facilities are required to submit plans to the local health department in which the following items are reviewed: provision of proper equipment such as autoclaves, hand washing sinks, ultrasonic cleaning devices, proper lighting, adequate surface finish materials, and documentation of completion of training courses offered through the Red Cross. Once licensed, a facility will be inspected and checked for proper procedures, such as glove use, single-use ink caps, sterilization of needles, consent forms, training records, blood borne pathogen training, etc.

On-Line Training Resource:

Body Art Program Fact Sheet – Legalities

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