Nuisance Complaints

The Mercer County Health District will respond to anonymous complaints regarding issues under our span of authority, which include improper garbage disposal or accumulations on properties, scrap tire disposal, improper dead animal disposal, vermin infestation, and improper sewage disposal or discharges.
To lodge a complaint, either phone our office, or submit a completed complaint form, which can be downloaded here: Complaint Report Form

To view the Mercer County Property Maintenance Code click here: Property Maintenance Code – 2018 revised

In some cases, you may be referred to your local zoning organization or another local agency depending on the nature of your complaint. Included here is contact information for other entities:

List of Local Zoning Inspectors: Current Zoning Inspector List

Ohio Department of Agriculture 1-800-282-1955

Mercer County Soil and Water Conservation District 419-586-3289

For stream littering or manure discharges to streams contact the Mercer County Central Dispatch at 419-586-6455, who will in turn contact the Game Warden.

In cases of housing issues, Mercer County does not have a housing code that sets forth minimum building or construction standards or provisions. However, the State of Ohio has a set of rules governing the rights of landlords and tenants. Click here for a brochure describing measures that can be taken to resolve problems with rental properties: Landlord-Tenant-Escrow Guidance