Animal bite reporting and quarantine requirements are found in sections 28 and 29 of Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-3.

All animal bites (or exposures such as scratches which draw blood) must be reported to the health department. Bites from domestic, owned animals result in that animal being placed under quarantine for 10 days to observe the health and behavior of the animal. No animal shall be released from quarantine unless it is up to date on its rabies vaccination. The health department issues the quarantine order, and checks on the status of rabies vaccination. Bites from wild animals often result in testing of the animal for rabies (if the animal is available for testing). The health department arranges for the testing by sending specimens to the Ohio Department of Health laboratory. To read a more detailed explanation of the reporting and quarantine process click here: Guidance Document for Animal Bite Reports

Guidance Document for Animal Bite Reports. To download a copy of the animal bite report form click here: ANIMAL BITE FORM

The Ohio Department of Health has information regarding rabies on their website.

The link to their homepage is: ODH Rabies Program