Real Estate Inspections

Upon request, the Mercer County Health District will inspect private water systems (wells) and septic systems as sometimes required by financial institutions for homes in process of transfer of ownership.

The water system inspection includes collection of a bacteriological water sample, and under special request, samples for nitrates and lead. Also, an evaluation and statement regarding the well construction is provided, regarding compliance with current code and the acceptability of the current construction configuration.

The septic system inspection includes a requirement for the septic tank to be cleaned, if it has not been cleaned in the previous 5 years. Documentation of the cleaning must be provided. A file search is performed to locate a permit for the system, if applicable. An evaluation of the property is made in regard to septic nuisances. If no problems are detected, the system is cleared for sale regardless of current code compliance and regardless of permit status. However, if problems are detected, corrections are recommended.

Please call the Environmental Division for current fees for these inspections.  Requests for  inspection can include the complete Real Estate Inspection which is both well and septic components, or partial inspection, involving one or the other component.