Infectious Disease Control

A major focus of public health has always been the investigation and control of communicable diseases. These diseases are reported to the local health department, which in turn submits the information to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). ODH then forwards the reports to the Center for Disease Control. The timely reporting helps to rapidly control the spread of disease through the treatment and education of affected individuals and the identification of carriers.

Communicable and infectious diseases are classified by their severity of disease and potential for epidemic spread. These diseases are governed by the health department under Ohio Administrative Code Sections 3701.3.02 and 3701.3.13.

If you have a Reportable Condition see our 24/7/365 contact information here. If you are a facility with a reportable disease please complete the Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease Form.  You may fax to the Nursing Clinic at (419) 586-3910 or mail to the Health District.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Health District nurse find out I am sick?

When your doctor makes the diagnosis or the lab test comes back positive for a reportable condition, your doctor or the lab is required by law to report your illness to the Health District. They may do this by phone, fax, or through the Ohio Department of Health Disease Report System, which is a computerized database.

Why does the Health District need to know about my illness?

The illness may be one that can easily be spread to other family members or the public. The Health District can provide you with information to prevent this from happening or will work with you and your employer to make sure that you do not come in contact with others until you are no longer contagious.  as well can seek treatment. This is done in a manner in which your name is not used. Or, the illness may be one that can be rapidly spread in a community by food, water, or animals (such as mosquitoes and bats) with deadly consequences. The Health District works with you and your doctor to identify methods to contain and treat the disease.

Who will you tell about my illness?

The Health District keeps communicable disease reports confidential. We do not release your name to the media. We do not release your name to your co-workers, or even other family members without your express permission. We will talk to parents about their child’s illness except in cases of sexually transmitted diseases, for which a minor can seek treatment without parental consent. We do not verify information on cases to anyone except the physician involved and possibly to other health departments should there be a widespread outbreak.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

If you have questions about the communicable disease program, the reporting process, or diseases in general, you can call the Health District office at (419) 586-3251 extension 6-1464 or 6-1455.


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