Community Representatives Needed!

The Mercer County Health District and our public health partners seek to proactively collect information from our local community to guide the ways we serve the people of Mercer County. As such, we want to increase community influence on important health initiatives like periodic community health needs assessments and community health improvement plans, among other important projects and programs geared toward ensuring that Mercer Countians have the opportunities to live healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives. To that end, we are building a list of people who are interested in participating in projects like the upcoming community health needs assessment (September 2023-August 2024) or the next community health improvement plan (September 2024-January 2025). We will need community at-large representatives for the teams that will carry out these important projects, but that is not the only way you can participate. We will also need members of our community who will take the time to review draft documents or program plans and submit comments to help us stay on target with the needs of Mercer County.

If you are interested in serving as a community representative in one of the ways described above, please contact Jason Menchhofer at or 419-586-3251 ext. 1450.

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