Environmental Health: Operation & Maintenance Program

If you live in the country, you likely have a septic system which – just like your car or other component of your household – requires routine maintenance in order to keep running properly. 

For septic systems, having the tank pumped out by a registered contractor accomplishes a few important elements: extends the life of your system by reducing the “solids” which otherwise could build up and “clog” your distribution lines – necessitating costly repairs; also the solids build-up could cause untreated waste to be more likely released into water drainage ways, impacting surface water quality in streams and lakes.  

The State of Ohio has required that local health departments implement an “operation & maintenance” program with existing household septic systems in our counties. We have recently started the first phase of our program by sending some mailings out to a portion of the property owners in specific areas and which have met specific trigger points for meeting the first phase portion of the program. If you receive a letter from our department asking for your enrollment in this program, it is because of this requirement. Eventually all property owners who have septic systems will become a part of this program. Please call us at 419-586-3251 option 4, to discuss further questions.

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