Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services seeks participation in mental health survey for farmers

OhioMHAS in partnership with other state departments, non-profits, and agricultural industry organizations, has formed the Ohio Agricultural Mental Health Alliance (OAMHA). The group’s first objective is to gather feedback through an anonymous survey targeting rural communities and farmers concerning stress and mental health. As the survey period nears its end, OAMHA is eager to receive as many responses as possible, especially given the onset of the busiest and most stressful months for farmers. According to a 2022 survey of Ohio farmers, 1 in 10 are at risk of depression. In 2021, 61% of farmers and farm workers reported facing increased mental health challenges compared to the previous year. As of 2023, the suicide rate within the farming community is 3.5 times higher than the general population . Please consider distributing the survey link within your communities, particularly those in rural counties with a significant agricultural presence. The insights gleaned will be invaluable in guiding Ohio to develop additional resources and enhance mental health services tailored toward the farming community.


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